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Join A few Beast-Based Groups.They all support great causes

The Dragon Lover`s Campaign

Welcome to the second Page at the Animal Realm.This site is dedicated to opposing any and all Anti Beast ideas.Wolves,Dragons and other beasties commonly given a bad rap by humankind are respected and honored here.And even fantasy creatures like Jar Jar Binks and the Ewoks many claim to despise are accepted.I the webmaster am a werebeast which simply means that I have closer ties with animalkind than humans.And No I`m not a roleplayer I`m the real deal.I strongly identify with real animals,So-called mythological animals like dragons and unicorns (who I believe actually exist somewhere ) and fantasy creatures Like Jar Jar Binks,Stripe,Gizmo,Chewbacca,Gorgonites,Yoda,and the Ewoks

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