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Gremlins is simply one of the greatest creature features ever made.I can still remember when the film was first released.It was kind of hard to ignore because there was movie merchandise everywhere.Stuffed animals,puzzles,action figures Gremlins appeared on all sorts of items.Gremlins stuff can still be found at flea markets and yard sales.Gizmo stuff is fairly easy to find but anything with Stripe on it is fairly difficult to locate.Plush Gizmos are everywhere.As for plush Stripe ( yes there actually WAS a plush Stripe made though few people know this.I myself was unaware until I saw one online) He is EXTREMELY rare and usually sells for $100 or more.Also there is a twelve inch poseable Stripe figure that goes for around $100 mint in box.While I like Gizmo I wish more figures and Plush toys were made of Stripe.Another strange thing about Gremlins is that unlike most movies where the sequel is considered inferior to the original many actually like Gremlins 2 Better than Gremlins 1.I am not one of those people.Gremlins 2 is an excellent movie but nowhere near as good as the original.Gremlins 2 also has a Kick-ass Nintendo video game based on it.You play as Gizmo ( which in my opinion is infinately cooler than being forced to play as a human ) And you basically get to kick the four color crap outta everything that moves.One last thing,If you get the chance read the Gremlins novelization.It is actually better than the movie.Gizmo is portrayed as being smarter than the humans around him ( at least that`s my opinion )

Sir Dydimus from LABYRINTH

Labyrinth is another excellent fantasy movie.I remember seeing this one in the Theatre when it was first released.It has a large fan following and It deserves it.Sadly there was very little Labyrinth merchandise.There are books and lunch boxes and even plush toys of some of the creatures from the movie,like Sir Dydimus and Ludo.Sadly these are very rare.


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